Loyalty Programmes & Gift Card Solutions

  • Small Business Loyalty

    A powerful coalition Loyalty, Point of Sale solution that provides a marketplace, card holder balances, reporting, marketing and an additional upgrades.

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  • Enterprise Solutions

    We can deploy customer / client management solutions for Governments, Corporate’s, Telecommunication, Petroleum and Power companies that require billing and subscription processes.

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  • Custom Solutions

    Deploy a One card or AA Rewards type loyalty programme. Used worldwide by corporate companies and Goverments our loyalty software can be customized to suit your requirements.

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Real-time Loyalty & Rewards CRM Software


Our CRM (Real-time processing) Loyalty Solution is designed to help retailers, card issuers and loyalty operators acquire and retain customers by facilitating and automating the implementation and day-to-day management of innovative reward based loyalty schemes. More specifically, our CRM Loyalty solution enables companies to provide targeted points, discount, cash rewards and Fuel rewards to customers in real time at the point of sale (POS) when they use their cards (loyalty cards, debit cards, credit cards, etc.) to make purchases. Rewards earned can be used instantly or as partial or full payment against subsequent purchases. The CRM loyalty solution has been designed to allow the complete personalisation of every customer relationship, through comprehensive big data capture, customer analysis & customer segmentation.


    • Highly configurable, turnkey web platform to execute sophisticated loyalty offers and manage offers. The platform can be easily maintained and enhanced by non-technical staff.


    • Generate a comprehensive loyalty database so as to extract valuable data on cardholder spending patterns, preferences, habits, etc. This data can help you influence cardholder behavior and drive your sales.


    • Ability to define unique cardholder profiles, segment out the most loyal cardholders and provide targeted communication at the POS. Improve your customer retention by offering the right rewards to the right customers at the right time.


  • Opportunity to work in cooperation with your partner network . We give you the tools to collaborate with your partners, leverage your business network’s market knowledge and share costs and risks.


  • Cardholder accounts

    (individual, corporate, family accounts) and cards management.

  • Reward accumulation and redemption rules definition

    (e.g. rewards based on products bought, time and place of purchase; minimum spend amounts; reward expiration. Ability to provide a wide range of offer types (discounts, gifts, vouchers, product upgrades).

  • Partner contribution

    Merchant / partner rewards contribution, settlement &  management.

  • Loyalty accounting and reconciliation

    Loyalty accounting and reconciliation process management, including automated account statement processing, reward and redemption transaction generation, and more.

  • Segmentation

    Dynamic cardholder segmentation based on cardholder profile. Segmentation  allows you to easily create customer segments (i.e. categories or profiles or groups)

  • Targeted communication and campaign management

    (e-mail, letter, SMS, phone, online message notifications, E commerce store news feeds and more).

  • Real-time integration

    POS systems, 3rd party software, External websites, Apps and of course via the Cardholder and partner web interfaces.

  • Offers & Reward Redemption

    Sophisticated rules can be defined that convert (redeem) awards to gifts, vouchers or discounts. Gift catalogues can be maintained. Offers can be made available through any number of channels, including partners, re-sellers and distributors.

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