CRM Point of Sale Loyalty Programs

If you are searching for a loyalty solution, the following information will be handy for you to evaluate what type of solution to choose. The CRM Software is designed to make it easy for our clients to set up their business processes and subsequently evolve and extend them. The Subscriptions and Rewards structures of the CRM Software are extendable by simply creating and defining additional rules, offers, pricing models and billing & reward schemes. The whole CRM platform is available in a fully documented Application Programming Interface (API) allowing certified CRM partners to extend and customize the software to suit custom client processes or new billing and reward models. Rather than purchase multiple applications like a CRM software solution, a loyalty solution, a gift card solution, a financial accounting system and billing & subscription application, our software delivers all of these requirements in one simple solution. The following information details the difference between an Eftpos Terminal Loyalty Program and our CRM, Point of Sale, Loyalty solution.

Eftpos Terminal Loyalty Programs

Most NZ Loyalty Providers will recommend to deploy an Eftpos driven Loyalty Program. Reason: It is faster to setup and it generates more revenue for the loyalty program provider. Loyalty programs deployed using Eftpos payment terminals, as the method to pass a transaction back to the loyalty program software, will generate a transaction fee with every swipe made. Each transaction made including balance checks will cost you a transaction fee. Remember a transaction fee is charged for issuing a reward or topping up a gift card and a transaction fee is charged for redeeming a reward or redeeming funds from a gift card. If you expect your loyalty program to be highly successful, used everyday, by your customer base, you must look at how much these Eftpos Transaction Fees will cost your business over the life cycle of the loyalty program and how will your business expand.

Eftpos Transactions Fees – Cost Calculation Example

Lets say your business does 10,000 transactions a month, that’s 357 transactions a day. About average for a larger owner operator business. That’s 120,000 transactions per year @ $0.xx cents per transaction (calculated at the highest rate due to a low transaction volume) which would generate $xx,xxx in transaction fees, plus GST. Eftpos driven loyalty schemes are typically deployed “only” for coalition gift card solutions in environments such as malls. This is due to the cost per install required to implement an API into every retailer and each retailer having a different point of sale till. Every retailer in a mall would runs a different point of sale solution so each installation would require an individual scope. For mall deployments, Eftpos is a far faster method of deployment and transaction costs and the cost of cards can be underwritten if launched correctly. Owner operators, large chain stores and coalition loyalty schemes should not deploy a loyalty rewards program using Eftpos payment terminals to pass loyalty transactions. Why? Eftpos terminals cannot pass line data information to award cardholders rewards on multiple items. An Eftpos terminal can only pass a total value and reward a user on the total amount being spent. If a business wants to advertise two or more items in their own advertising with different rewards, sorry, Eftpos cannot identify products, only one total value. If you would like to deploy an Eftpos driven loyalty program, please contact us for a detailed consultation of your required loyalty program.

CRM Loyalty Software – Transaction Fees Example

Unlimited Transactions (Zero Transaction Fees) using our CRM Software and API’s CRM Loyalty Solutions Limited has a powerful application engine that is used by small retailers, telecommunication companies, power companies, banks and governments internationally. We now are offering our CRM Loyalty solution as a subscription based SaaS (Software as a Service) model to meet the high demand of retailer enquiries that have requested a simple yet very powerful rewards program. Please see our CRM Small Business loyalty solution for more information and pricing. For national retail chains please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

CRM Loyalty Features

As soon as you are live, you can begin handing out cards to customers. Issue and redeem rewards right at your point of sale Create multiple reward offers. Market directly to your own customer base. Issue a gift card as a store refund or credit if you activate the Gift Card Module.

CRM Loyalty Solution Advantages

Unlimited Free transactions for all companies whom install our API (retailers must have a computer point of sale) Get a free Gift card solution for your business. (Gift card’s not included) Minimum purchase 500 cards. Get feature rich reporting and more.

CRM Loyalty Solutions

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