Custom Loyalty Program Development


If your company would like a loyalty solution, CRM Loyalty Solutions limited can scope out your project and deliver a full proposition document which will cover all aspects. Don’t just find a loyalty solution provider to deploy a transactional solution. Deploy a solution that has a vast array of optional modules and templates pre-built for specific industries like; Pay TV, Cloud SaaS, Media, High Tech, Finance, Card Issuers, Retail, Coalition Schemes, Tourism, Hospitality, Petrol Stations, Fuel Schemes, Supermarkets, Farming and more.. EXAMPLES


By using the CRM Software it will help increase revenue for both the consumer and the commercial market. For our Petrol Station example, the CRM Software will allow the petrol company to introduce rewards (loyalty) and enhance their fleet management across the entire station network, such as COCO, CODO and DODO stations.


Launch an innovative reward scheme to reward customers based on their business and loyalty. The scheme is self-funded because a lot of the rewards offered are conditional (e.g. can be spent on specific products). The CRM solution is truly collaboration-enabled, meaning that partners can engage in the reward and spend processes to partially or fully fund the cost.


The CRM Software allows the creation of a scheme that caters for any commercial segment and billing model. Billing can be pre-bill, post-bill or pre-paid and multiple payment methods are supported. Rewards can provide rebates based on financial and non-financial targets to create A very powerful loyalty scheme. Some scheme configuration examples are:

  • SME scheme for up to 500 cars, top-up billing, credit and rebate based on total litre’s plus 30% rebate on car wash
  • Taxi driver association scheme, top-up billing, credit and rebate based on total litres to the association and rebate to taxi driver based on individual target
  • Large company scheme, post-paid billing, credit and rebate based on target of fuel purchases plus rebate based on total litres.
  • Tourism scheme, discount at the POS and online by way of card presentation, additional rewards based on spend target rules. Monthly re-occurring billing for membership fees, subscription fees.
  • Retail scheme, set offers, reward customers, allow customers to redeem in store or at other selected venues.

If you can think it, then more than likely we can build it. CRM Loyalty Solutions can provide greater software advantages over standard loyalty software solutions by offering what we call flexible services and software. All of our solutions are tested, proven and can even be deployed in house. We can also provide (ready to activate) bank settlement services. Use WSDL services & API Services to connect to any current 3rd party software that your company uses to push and pull data instantly. We highly recommend that you contact us for a detailed consultation.

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