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We offer a turnkey coalition real-time loyalty solution that has been designed for all types of business. Once activated you can run a sophisticated points based, discount, cash back or fuel loyalty scheme. It allows you the retailer to provide rewards at the point of sale (POS) when your customers make qualifying purchases. It allows you the retailer to extend your offers directly to a coalition ecommerce marketplace which will also issue awards when your customers make qualifying purchases. Use our loyalty software administration and management tools to manage your in store offers, and advertise these offers to our online marketplace to communicate your offers directly to the public. Use the loyalty software reporting module to monitor the performance of your campaigns and offers.


*Transaction fees are only applicable for Eftpos based transactions. Some fees may apply for funds settlement or online transactions. If your thinking about deploying an Eftpos driven loyalty program, then you are limiting your own ability to offer multiple rewards and to collect data. Eftpos can only pass one value, the total purchase price, which users will get a percentage based reward of the total value or a fixed value issued. You can generate multiple reward offers if you get your POS integrated to talk directly to our software which then your company is only required to pay a monthly subscription fee.


Every customer that registers a card is assigned a loyalty account that tracks purchases made at your retail outlet. Every purchase is automatically matched against a set of loyalty offers defined by the scheme administrator (you). Cardholders can earn rewards at the point of sale (POS) instantly. The cardholder uses our online marketplace to view your offers (pending your subscription type) and can login or download our app to access their own loyalty account details and view transaction history. Optionality you can extend our loyalty solution to feed into your own website or App to extend your loyalty offerings by using our secure API (application program interface) code.


The only requirement to get underway, is send us an email to contact us and we will discuss what you want and how we can proceed to get you running. You don’t have to offer rewards at your POS you can use our marketplace and offer rewards online. Offer; points, rewards, cash back, discount or fuel, our system will let you set the type of reward you want to offer to match your own marketing. You can even offer double rewards say on a Tuesday from 12:00:pm to 1.00:pm, to increase sales during those quiet trading hours.


Our flexible Loyalty Solution is feature packed and can include optional modules like; Contacts Module The Contacts Module provides functionality for creating and managing your company’s Contacts (individuals and companies). Using the Contacts Module you can maintain a comprehensive database of your customers with detailed contact profiles, and customer classifications based on your business needs. Communications Module The Communications Module is used to create and keep a track of all communications you have with contacts and customers. Through the Communications Module you can also send out emails to customers using the embedded editor tool. Rewards Module The Rewards module has a full range of offerings designed to meet your needs no matter how complex they are. It enables your business to define innovative Award and Spend rules to offer discounts, promotions, cash back, or points that will help your company reach higher revenues by acquiring and retaining customers. Segmentation Module The Segmentation Module allows you to easily create customer segments (i.e. categories or profiles or groups). Whether you wish to reach out to customers who have purchased a particular product or service and are located in a particular area, customers who have filed a complaint or prospective clients who attended a particular event segmentation is the ideal way to achieve precision target marketing. Segments are defined by adding search queries similar to the ones used throughout the software we provide for searching data. Billing and Subscription Module Automate monthly subscriptions and billing, as well as offer rewards with every monthly payment made. Accounts Receivable Module The Accounts Receivable Module allows you to create and maintain the financial accounts of customers and the financial transactions that affect them. Using the Accounts Receivable Module you can define specific financial account settings such as Ageing Buckets, Unallocated Payments, Payment Cancellations, Write-off financial transactions and more. Financial Transactions Module A Financial Transaction is an event between a buyer and a seller to exchange an asset for payment. The Financials Transactions Module enables you to create, edit and maintain all financials transactions of various types such as invoices, payments, refunds etc.  



After your loyalty solution is fully operational, we will activate upon request, at no charge, a Point of Sale Gift Card Solution. Gift cards are plastic cards that are very similar to debit cards. A typical gift card is pre-paid (e.g. costs $20, $50, $100) and can be used to purchase various products or services. For instance, instead of purchasing an actual gift for a friend (e.g. a book), an individual may wish to buy a gift card from his / her friend’s favourite bookstore. This saves the gift donor time and effort required to select a regular gift and gives the gift recipient the flexibility to use the card to purchase whatever gift they prefer. Your store can also use gift cards as an innovative way to issue refunds and store credit as well as benefit from non-redeemed balances and purchases over and above the value of the gift card. In addition, you can control how gift cards are used by setting various rules (e.g minimum / maximum gift card value, balance expiration). You only need to order a minimum of 500 gift cards to qualify for the free use of our gift card management solution.

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